» » № 1171-1172. The Russian culture of the ХХ century.

№ 1171-1172. The Russian culture of the ХХ century.


Photographer –

Designer – Drobyshev A.

Paper - coated; manufacturing process - offset; perforation - frame 12½ x 12; souvenir sheet size 70×90 mm; multicolor.
Souvenier sheet print quantity - 100000.

1171 1172

It will be 100 years since Arseny Tarkovsky’s birthday and it will be 75 years since his son’s birthday. His son, Andrew Arsenievich is a film director. Arseny Aleksandrovich Tarkovsky (1907-1989), a famous translator and author of wonderful, stylistically delicate, precise and deep poems. Andrew Arsenievich Tarkovsky (1932-1986) is a Russian film director, an author of famous films “Ivan’s childhood”, “Andrew Roubliov”, “Soliaris”, “Stalker”, “Nostalgy” and others. Since 1993 in the frameworks of the Moscow international film festival, a prize named by Tarkovsky “to the best film of the contest and non-contest program”. Lines from Arseny Tarkovsky’s poem “And I dreamt about it and I dream about it” are depicted on the margins of the postal block. The author of Arseny Tarkovsky’s photograph is N.Kochnev.

Face value Size Description Price, mint Price, used
1171 8.00 28×40 The 100th birth anniversary of A.А.Tarkovsky (1907-1988), a poet. 8.00 0.00
1172 8.00 28×40 The 75th birth anniversary of A.А.Tarkovsky (1932-1986). 8.00 0.00

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Russia. XX century. Sport.
Russia. XX century. Science.
Russia. XX century. Culture.
Russia. ХХ century. Technology.
The Russian culture of the ХХ century.
Special cancellation marks:
Arsenij and Andrew Tarkovsky.

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