» » № 1198-1201. Flora. The joint issue Russia – The Korean People’s Democratic Republic.

№ 1198-1201. Flora. The joint issue Russia – The Korean People’s Democratic Republic.


Designer – Drobyshev A.

Paper - coated; manufacturing process - offset; perforation - frame 12½ x 12; souvenir sheet size 130×84 mm; multicolor.
Souvenier sheet print quantity - 130000.

1198 1199
1200 1201

Gladiolus has centuries’ history. In translation from Latin “gladiolus” means “sword”, therefore this flower was a symbol of gladiators in Rome. This flower is often called cornflag, because of its long and narrow leaves that stick out as if they were swords and scarlet inflorescences of some varieties reminds the droplets of stiff blood. . Lotus was held in honor as a sacred flower in the ancient Egypt. The flower was a symbol of the earth-goddess Isis and the sun-god Osiris. Тут у меня маленькая поправка: ведь бог солнца в Египте это Амон Ра (Amon-Ra). In this way the Egyptians showed the link between the flower and the sun that rises in the morning and sets into water in the evening as a lily pad. Many painters, for example van Gogh, the author of such paintings as “A vase with violet irises” and “Irises”, was impressed by the beauty of iris. Claude Monet did not only paint irises, but being inspired by the sophistication of this flower he created the famous “A Garden in Giverny”. Rose is considered by right the most favorite flower of the mankind. Archeological excavations prove that roses grew on our planet 25 millions years ago. This flower has become legendary and was often used as a symbol. Red rose is traditionally presented in sign of ardent love. White rose is a symbol of innocence and youth, that is why white roses are used so often in bouquets for brides. Rose roses are usually presented to women in sign of tenderness and incipient feelings

Face value Size Description Price, mint Price, used
1198 6.00 42×30 Gladiolus multicolor 6.00 0.00
1199 6.00 42×30 Iris multicolor 6.00 0.00
1200 6.00 42×30 Rose multicolor 6.00 0.00
1201 6.00 42×30 Lotus multicolor 6.00 0.00

Nature : Flora
Philately : Joint post stamp issues

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Flora. The joint issue Russia – The Korean People’s Democratic Republic.
Special cancellation marks:
Flora. The joint issue Russia – The Korean People’s Democratic Republic.
Souvenir packs in cover:
Russia Flora

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