» » № 1419-1421. The 300th anniversary of foundation of Tsarskoe Selo.

№ 1419-1421. The 300th anniversary of foundation of Tsarskoe Selo.


[Design] – Drobyshev A.

Printing technique: offsetprint + matte gold foil
Colour: multicolour
Chalk paper
Perforation in souvenir sheet: frame 12x 12 ½(for stamps with size 26х37 mm)
Size of stamp: 37х26 mm and 26х37 mm
Size of souvenir sheet: 136х80 mm
Circulation of souvenir sheet: 100 thousand souvenir sheets
Amount in souvenir sheet:  3 stamps

History of the Tsarskoye Selo dates back to the XVIII century.
June 24, 1710 is deemed to be the date of foundation of Tsarskoye Selo (now the town of Pushkin), when by the decree of Peter I Sarskaya Myza was donated to his future wife and Empress Catherine Alexeyevna. In the second half of XVIII century a unique palace and park ensemble was built in Tsarskoe Selo, which served as a royal summer residence of the Russian emperors.
It is here the well-known Tsarskoselsky Lyceum was founded, which was highly praised by A.S. Pushkin, the first Russian railway from St. Petersburg was built to this place. At the end of the XIX century Tsarskoуe Selo became the first fully electrified city in Europe and one of the most healthy and comfortable cities in Russia.
Nowadays it is one of the most picturesque monuments of cultural heritage of Russia.
The stamps depict the Alexander Palace, which was built in 1792 - 1796 years by the decree of Empress Catherine II, the Egyptian gate (1827 - 1830) at the entrance to the city from the side of St. Petersburg, as well as a monument in honor of the 100th anniversary of birth of A . S. Pushkin (sculptor R.R. Bach), the Catherine Palace is represented on the margins of the souvenir sheet.

Size Description Quantity Price for mint Price for cancelled
1419 37х26 Египетские ворота при въезде в город 100000 15.00
1420 26х37 Памятник А.С. Пушкину 100000 15.00
1421 37х26 Александровский дворец 100000 15.00

Russian Federation : St.Petersburg
History : Historical events and dates

The 300th anniversary of foundation of Tsarskoe Selo.
Special cancellation marks:

Tsarskoe Selo. The 300th anniversary.
Tsarskoe Selo. The 300th anniversary. Pavilion "Hermitage".
Souvenir packs in cover:
Souvenir pack "The 300th anniversary of foundation of Tsarskoe Selo".
Saint Petersburg

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