» » № 2309-2312 квартблок. Fauna of Russia. Woodpeckers

№ 2309-2312 квартблок. Fauna of Russia. Woodpeckers


[Художник-дизайнер] – Beltyukov V.

Fauna of Russia. Woodpeckers


The ornithofauna of central Russia has over 170 species. Woodpeckers are key representatives of the family Picidae who are part of the order Piciformes. Most members of the family are characterised by a chisel-shaped beak that they use to peck into bark and boon of a tree to take out food – insects and their larvae. The woodpecker body plan is centered around its main activity which is pecking. The birds use their springy tails for support, feathers help the bird balance, the bill is good on hard bark and the tongue is tailored to pulling out the prey. The plumage of woodpeckers is exceptionally diverse; the birds range from tiny species measuring no more than 8 cm in length to large woodpeckers which can be up to 60 cm in length. Almost all species are nonmigratory or nomadic; they are tree climbers and reluctant short-distance flyers. 14 species of this family are found throughout the territory of Russia.

The postage stamps depict a green woodpecker, great spotted woodpecker, black woodpecker and lesser spotted woodpecker.

Printing method Paper Color Perforation Format of stamps in quart block Format of list Form of issue Circulation
Offset + Security Complex Coated Multicolor Comb 12:12 ½ 30х42 70х94 Sheet with illustrated margins of 4 (2×2) stamps 60000

Nature : Environmental protection
Nature : Fauna

Fauna of Russia. Woodpeckers
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Fauna of Russia. Woodpeckers. Moscow
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Fauna of Russia. Woodpeckers
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