» » № 2212-2215. Russian Fauna series. Turtles

№ 2212-2215. Russian Fauna series. Turtles


[Художник-дизайнер] – Shegol G.

Russian Fauna series. Turtles


Russian fauna comprises all the animals occupying Russia. There are more than 1,300 species of vertebrates only and 70,000 species of insects.

In Russia, there are four types of turtles, with only the spur-thighed tortoise living on land. It lives in the Caucasus. Some of its subspecies are endangered, and the very species is listed in the Red Data Book of the Russian Federation. Of the water turtles, the Russian Federation is inhabited by the European pond turtle, the Chinese softshell turtle and the Caspian turtle.

The postage stamps feature the European pond turtle, the spur-thighed tortoise, the Caspian turtle and the Chinese softshell turtle.

Printing method Paper Color Perforation Format Form of issue Circulation
Offset + Security Complex Coated Multicolor Comb 12:12 ½ 37х26 Sheet with illustrated margins of 4 (2×2) stamps 75000

Nature : Fauna

Russian Fauna series. Turtles
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Russian Fauna series. Turtles
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