» » № 1469-1474. Cities of military glory.

№ 1469-1474. Cities of military glory.


Artist – Beltyukov V.

Способ печати: офсет+ частичная лакировка+золотая фольга
Цвета: многокрасочная
Бумага: мелованная
Перфорация: гребенчатая 11 ½ :11 ½
Формат марочного листа: 125х88 мм
Формат марки: 37х37 мм 
Количество на листе: 6 марок

The Vyborg offensive operation that took place in June, 1944, was a part of the vast operation at the Leningrad and Karelia fronts to distract the defensive force grouping of Finland that was German’s satellite during the World War II.
The long battles that lasted for 11 days ended with the liberation of Vyborg and withdrawal of Finland from the war.
The Decree № 341 "On awarding Vyborg the honorary title of the City of Military Glory was signed by the President of the Russian Federation in March 25, 2010.
The stamp depicts a cartouche dedicated to the feats of the Soviet Army around Vyborg that presents:
1. The bomber Pe-2
2. A 1931/37 model of the 122 mm. canon
3. A 1943 model of the self-propelled artillery weapon ISU-152 


Размер Описание Тираж Цена чистых Цена гашеных
1469 37х37 Выборг
75000 12.00

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Cities of military glory
History : The Great Patriotic War (1941-1945) and World War Two

Cities of military glory.
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