» » № 1389-1391. The 150th anniversary of birth of Anton Chekhov (1860-1904).

№ 1389-1391. The 150th anniversary of birth of Anton Chekhov (1860-1904).


Artist –

Souvenir sheet
Printing technique: offsetprint
Colour: multicolour
Chalk paper
Perforation: frame 12x 12 ½
Size of stamp: 30,5х42,5 mm
Size of souvenir sheet: 127×70 mm
Circulation of souvenir sheet: 90 thousand copies
Amount in souvenir sheet:  3 stamps

Anton Chekhov - a famous Russian writer, dramatist, author of short stories, novels and plays, he is recognized as one of the greatest writers in the world literature. He created works that became classics of the world dramaturgy; his best stories are highly appreciated by writers and critics. Almost the whole adult life, in combination with the literature, Chekhov was a medical practitioner. 
The most famous works: “The Seagull”, “The Cherry Orchard”, “The Three Sisters”, “The Lady with the Dog", "House with the Mezzanine”, “Vanka”, “Fat and Thin”, “Uncle Vanya”, "Kashtanka", "The Island of Sakhalin" and etc. 
The souvenir sheet depicts the scenes from the following works: "The Lady with the Dog", "The Seagull", "House with the Mezzanine”.

Size Description Quantity Price for mint Price for cancelled
1389 30,5х42,5 А.П.Чехов "Дама с собачкой" 1899г. 90000 8.00
1390 30,5х42,5 А.П.Чехов "Чайка" 1896г. 90000 10.00
1391 30,5х42,5 А.П.Чехов "Дом с мезонином". 1896г. 90000 12.00

History : The great names of history
Culture and art : Literature

The 150th anniversary of birth of Anton Chekhov (1860-1904).
Special cancellation marks:
A.P.Chekhov (1860-1904). To the 150th birth anniversary.
Postal cards:
A.P. Chekhov (1860-1904).

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