» » № 820-821. Research of Antarctica.

№ 820-821. Research of Antarctica.


Painter – Artsymenev Y.

Paper - coated; manufacturing process - offset; perforation - frame 12 x 12½; souvenir sheet size 90×65 mm; multicolor; numbered.
Souvenier sheet print quantity - 1000000.

820 821

There is a theory that in the large lake Vostok, which lies uder the ice of Antarctica at a depth of 4000 meters, some primitive life forms - microbes and bacteria - could exist. They may have been living for a million years. To prove this theory a special drilling rig has bored a 3623m well. Prills of the bottom and ice are being studied. In common with the French and American scientists the Russians carry out radiological and seismic explorations of the lake. The souvenir sheet also features the national flags of the countries taking part in the exploration, a cat train tractor and a plane AH-3T.

Face value Size Description Price, mint Price, used
820 5.00 37×26 The stamp features under-ice lake Vostok shoreline and ice cylinders, probes of explorative boring. multicolor 5.00 0.00
821 5.00 37×26 The boring tower at the Russian station "Vostok". multicolor 5.00 3.50

Science : Geology
Community of nations : International cooperation
History : Dicoveries, travellings, researches

Research of Antarctica.
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Research of Antarctica.

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