» » № 605-609. Decorative dogs.

№ 605-609. Decorative dogs.


Painter – Fedotova A.

Stamps per sheet: 30 (1x6 se-tenants of 5x1 stamps).
Paper - coated; manufacturing process - offset; perforation - comb 12.
Se-tenant print quantity - 400000.

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Face value Size Description Price, mint Price, used
605 1.00 32.5×32.5 Chihuahua. One of the smallest dogs in the world. Was named after one of the Mexican states. There are long-wooled and short-haired dogs. They are of various coloration. The chihuahua has the bullet head, big prick-ears, saucer eyes. The dogs are very strong and can be good little watch-dags. multicolor 1.00 0.35
606 1.50 32.5×32.5 Toy-terrier. Was bred by way of selection the smallest representatives of Manchester-terriers. The wool of the toy-terrier is thick, dense and slick. The dogs are black and tan. The head is long and narrow with dark or black eyes. The ears have a shape of the candle flame? They are a little bit sharpened. The toy-terrier often displays the instinct of gnawer hunting. multicolor 1.50 0.45
607 2.00 32.5×32.5 Miniature poodle. Bred of a simple poodle. Is kind and jolly. The wool is thick, dense and self. The head is elongate. The eyes are almond-shaped, the ears are pressed to the head. multicolor 2.00 0.50
608 2.50 32.5×32.5 French bulldog. One of the two kinds of bulldogs which is widely spread in Russia. The wool is short and scant of tiger, yellow-brown or mixed color. The head is big, square and wide. The eyes are dark and wide-set. Bulldogs have round-ended prick-ears of average size. The dog is very strong and smart. multicolor 2.50 0.55
609 3.00 32.5×32.5 Japaneese Hin.More than a thousand years ago these dogs were Japaneese emperors' favorites. Purely decorative. The wool is dense, long, soft and straight. It can be white with black or white-red spots of various undertones - from lemon-yellow to red or black.The dogs are strong and sweet. multicolor 3.00 0.60


Stamps per sheet: 9 (3x3 stamps).
Paper - coated; manufacturing process - offset; perforation - comb 12.
The margins of the sheetlet feature various strains of decorative dogs.
Sheetlet print quantity - 60000.

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Nature : Fauna

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