» » № 190. The 200th birth anniversary of A.S.Griboedov.

№ 190. The 200th birth anniversary of A.S.Griboedov.


Painter – Golubyatnikova E.

Stamps per sheet: 60 (6x5 se-tenants of 2x1 stamps).
Paper - coated; manufacturing process - offset; perforation - comb 11½.
Print quantity - 700000.

K1 190

A.S. Griboedov (1795-1829) was a writer and a diplomat. He received a wide and all-round education: graduated successively from the wordy, law and physico-mathematical faculties of the Moscow University. A.S.Griboedov was the author of a variety of comedies. "The Sorrow by the Brains" is the most famous among his comedies. It was written in 1822-1824. A lot of characters from this play became nominal, and some certain lines passed into proverbs. The stamp features a portrait of A.S.Griboedov after an engraving by N.I.Utkin.

Face value Size Description Price, mint Price, used
190 250.00 37×37 The portrait of A.S.Griboedov (1725-1829). 250.00 50.00

History : The great names of history
Culture and art : Literature

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