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№ 2228. Year of Ecology - 2017


[Художник-дизайнер] – Moscovets A.

Year of Ecology - 2017


The year 2017 is declared a Year of Ecology in Russia with the aim to raising the public ecological awareness, preserve Russia’s biodiversity and provide ecological safety. A large number of events aimed at developing reserve management and studies, their promotion and increasing public support for natural areas of preferential protection (NAPP). The NAPP comprises 103 state nature reserves, 49 national parks and 64 state wildlife sanctuaries currently. 

The main tasks to be solved in 2017 are as follows:

• to improve Russia’s overall ecological indexes;
• to provide ecological safety of the Russian Federation;
• to engage citizens to preserve natural riches of the country;
• to develop ecological responsibility in all the social strata.

The main activities are as follows:

• legislation improvement;
• switch to the best technologies available;
• improve waste management;
• natural areas of preferential protection;
• protect water resources, fauna, forest resources and restoration, ecological education and regional programs. 

The stamp features the Year of Ecology logo against the background of a typical Russian landscape.

Printing method Paper Color Perforation Format Circulation
Offset + Security Complex Coated Multicolor Comb 11 ½ 37х37 225000


Nature : Environmental protection

Year of Ecology - 2017
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Year of Ecology. Moscow
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Year of Ecology - 2017
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