» » № 1157. The national atlas of Russia.

№ 1157. The national atlas of Russia.


Designer – Komsa R.

Stamps per sheet: 1 (1x1 stamps).
Paper - coated; manufacturing process - offset; perforation - comb 12.

The national atlas of Russia – is the state encyclopedic issue, created for the first time in the history of the country and aimed at giving the integral idea of nature, the population, the economy, the ecology, the history and the culture of Russia. The Atlas consists of 4 volumes: "The general characteristics of the territory", "Nature. Ecology", "Population. Economy", "History. Culture". Every volume, being consistent part of the National Atlas of Russia, presents at the same time an independent cartographic work, having its own informational and cognitive value.

Face value Size Description Price, mint Price, used Quantity
6.00 50×50
6.00 0.00 220000

The national atlas of Russia.
Special cancellation marks:
National atlas of Russia.

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