» » № 2175. Happy New Year!

№ 2175. Happy New Year!


[Художник-дизайнер] – Shushlebina O.

Happy New Year!


In Russia, the New Year is one of the most important family celebrations, and its traditions are handed down from generation to generation. The New Year has been celebrated on 1 January since 1700 by a Decree of Emperor Peter I.

The main attribute and symbol of the holiday is the Christmas tree, which is installed in all Russian cities. Various festive contests, games and competitions take place in skating rinks and stadiums.

The postage stamp depicts a New Year circle dance in a skating rink.

Printing method Paper Color Perforation Format Circulation
Offset (№ 2175); offset + holographic foil (№ 2175-I) Coated Multicolor Comb 11 ½ 50х50x70 220000 (№ 2175); 60000 (№ 2175-I)


The New Year and Christmas
Holidays, field-days, professional hoidays : New Year

Happy New Year!
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Happy New Year! Moscow
Happy New Year! St. Petersburg
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Happy New Year!
Happy New Year!
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