» » № 1434. The 125th anniversary of birth of N.N. Zubov (1885-1960).

№ 1434. The 125th anniversary of birth of N.N. Zubov (1885-1960).


[Design] – Drobyshev A.

Printing technique: offsetprint
Colour: multicolour
Chalk paper
Perforation: comb 12:12 ½
Size of stamp: 58х26 mm
Size of sheet: 134х115 mm
Stamps are issued in mini sheets with illustrated margins
Circulation: 300 thousand stamps (50 thousand sheets)
Amount on sheet:  6 (2х3) stamps

Nikolay Zubov (1885-1960) is a naval officer, hydrographer, oceanologist, Arctic explorer. He participated in the Russian-Japanese War and the Battle of Tsushima in 1905. In 1932, he headed the expedition on sailing-motor boat "Nikolai Knipovich" and for the first time in the history of Arctic navigation rounded from the north the Franz Josef Land archipelago. In 1935 he led the scientific part of the first Soviet high-altitude expedition on the icebreaker "Sadko".
Nikolay Zubov made the great contribution to the development of the native oceanography: he was among the first to put forward and develop the problem of ice forecasting in the Arctic seas, he also founded the Department of Oceanology in Moscow Hydrometeorological Institute and Moscow State University.
Gulf in Antarctica, cape of the Novaya Zemlya archipelago and two research ships: "Nikolay Zubov" and "Professor Zubov" were named in his honor.
The stamp depicts a portrait of N.N. Zubov and the icebreaker "Sadko".

Size Description Quantity Price for mint Price for cancelled
1434 58х26 портрет Н.Н. Зубова и ледокольный пароход «Садко»
300000 12.00


Тираж: 50000 марочных листов


Science : Geology

The 125th anniversary of birth of N.N. Zubov (1885-1960).
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“Polar researches”
Russian Polar Research

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