» » № 1341. Symbol of Moscow – St. George the Victorious

№ 1341. Symbol of Moscow – St. George the Victorious


[дизайнер] – Povarihin A.

Since times of Prince Dmitry Donskoy St. George the Victorious is considered to be the patron of Moscow . Since XIV-XV centuries in Moscow heraldry there is the image of rider, fighting the serpent. In national consciousness it was perceived as the image of  St. George  and in 1730 it was stated officially. The description of the Moscow coat of arms is as follows: Coat of arms of Moscow represents the image of Saint George the Victorious, positioned to the right from the spectator, in silver armor and blue mantle (coat) on silver horse, fighting black serpent with gold spear. The background is dark-red heraldic shield, correlation of width and height is 8:9.

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Symbol of Moscow – St. George the Victorious
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Souvenir packs in cover:
Souvenir pack in cover “Holy George the Conqueror”” (20 stamps).
Souvenir pack in cover “Moscow’s symbol “Holy George the Conqueror”” (10 stamps).

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