» » № 1061. UNESCO – 60th.

№ 1061. UNESCO – 60th.


Designer – Drobyshev A.

Stamps per sheet: 16 (4x4 stamps).
Paper - coated; manufacturing process - offset; perforation - comb 11½.

UNESCO – The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization. The UNESCO regulations were elaborated at its Constituent Conference in November, 1945. The aims of UNESCO are the assistance to peace and international safety by the international cooperation development in the fields of Education, Science and Culture as well as providing the universal respect to the rights and freedoms of any person not looking at his race, sex, language or religion. The sculpture called “The birth of a New Man” by Z.K.Tsereteli, which had been given as a present to UNESCO, is depicted on the stamp, dedicated to the 60th anniversary of UNESCO.

Face value Size Description Price, mint Price, used Quantity
5.60 37×37
5.60 0.00 180000

Community of nations : International civil services

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