» » № 22-25. Space exploration. The International Space Year.

№ 22-25. Space exploration. The International Space Year.


Painters – Beylin V.

Stamps per sheet: 32 (2x4 se-tenants of 2x2 stamps).
Paper - coated; manufacturing process - offset; perforation - comb 11½ x 12.
Se-tenant print quantity - 1100000.

22 23
24 25

The first satellite launching in the USSR (Oct 4 1957), the first human space flight (Apr 12 1961, Yu.Gagarin, the USSR), the first moon landing (July 21 1969 N.Armstrong, E.Oldrin, the USA) started the space age. International cooperation is wide spread nowadays and the UNO decided to declare the year 1992 the International Space Year.

Face value Size Description Price, mint Price, used
22 25.00 31.3×49.4 A Russian spaceman in the spacewalk. Space Shuttle. multicolor 25.00 5.00
23 25.00 31.3×49.4 An American spaceman. A space station "Mir" and a spaceship "Buran". multicolor 25.00 5.00
24 25.00 31.3×49.4 The first artificial earth satellite. Spaceships "Vostok-1" and "Apollo". The lunar module landing on the Moon. multicolor 25.00 5.00
25 25.00 31.3×49.4 Spaceships "Mercury", "Gemini" and "Soyuz". multicolor 25.00 5.00

Community of nations : International cooperation
Industry, construction, agriculture, technology : Space
Philately : Joint post stamp issues

Russian icons.
The 500th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Russia and Denmark.
The Orthodox Culture.
A.S.Pushkin. "Yevgeny Onegin".
200 years of transition of A.V.Suvorov through the Alpes.
2000-year of Christianity.
Fish of Chudsko-Pskovskoe lake.
Ivan Lazarev, the founder of Lazarev institute of oriental languages.
10-th annyversary of the foundation of Commonwealth of Independent States.
Rare birds. Demoiselle. Great Black-headed Gull.
Let's preserve the nature of the Caspian Sea.
Russia - Germany youth meetings in 21st century.
"FAUNA". Russia-DPRK Joint Issue.
NATURE. Russia - Belarus Joint Issue.
The Year of the Republic of Armenia in Russian Federation. The joint issue.
Flora. The joint issue Russia – The Korean People’s Democratic Republic.
The joint issue Russia-Rumania. Monuments of World Cultural Heritage.
The 50th anniversary of the Cuban revolution Victory . Joint issue Russian Federation – Republic of Cuba.
The international year of Space.

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