» » № 355-364. The 850th anniversary of Moscow. Historical Moscow.

№ 355-364. The 850th anniversary of Moscow. Historical Moscow.


Painter – Belyaev S.

Stamps per sheet: 10 (5x2 stamps).
Paper - coated; manufacturing process - offset; perforation - comb 12 x 12½.
Sheetlet print quantity - 250000.

355 356 357 358 359
360 361 362 363 364

The margins of the sheetlet feature items of Moscow's medieval culture, portraits of historic figures, and monuments. In the left vertical margin decorated with a leafy ornament, there are(from top to bottom): a Russian helmet (16-17 cc); a stamp of Kiev's Metropoly with the picture of Our Lady Oranta (1093-1095) which was found in the Moscow Kremlin; the church of St.Nicholas the Wet (1697, non-existent); a falcon and an initial from manuscripts of 1220s; a quiver and arrows, symbols of hunting and wars. In the lower horizontal margin there are (from left to right): the view of the Kremlin and the River Moscow (12c); in the foreground there is a pot and a goblet (12c); a watch-tower and a fire which symbolise the Tartar and Mongols aggression; an ornament of a letter form Russian manuscripts (14 c); an icon miniature showing Peter the Mitropolit laying the foundation stone of the Dormition Cathedral from an icon of the 16th century; a portrait of Ivan Kalita, Prince of Moscow (from 1325) from The Title Book of 1672 and a stamp of his will; Russian troops lead by Dmitry Donskoi leaving the Kremlin for the Kulikovo field (1380); a portrait of Ivan III, the Great Prince of Moscow, after an engraving of 1584, and his stamp featuring a double-headed eagle (1497); Moscow streltsi (Russian regular army) (after a drawing by Olearius, 1633); a detail from the front piece of a Gospel dd 16 c, "birds interlaced", which symbolises the gathering of Russian lands; St.Basil's cathedral, the walls and towers of Moscow (1610). In the right vertical margin there are (from bottom to top): a wooden Moscow belfry, the church of Our Lady in Putinki (1648-1652), the dome of the government building in the Moscow Kremlin (1776-1788); the Tsar's Tower of the Moscow Kremlin (1680).

Face value Size Description Price, mint Price, used
355 1,000.00 30×42 Cathedral of Christ the Saviour (1837-1883). multicolor 1,000.00 200.00
356 1,000.00 30×42 The towers of the Moscow Kremlin. multicolor 1,000.00 200.00
357 1,000.00 30×42 Moscow historical buildings. multicolor 1,000.00 200.00
358 1,000.00 30×42 St.Basil's Cathedral (1555-1561), the Spasskay Tower of the Moscow Kremlin (1491), The Holy Trinity Church in Nikitniki (1631-1634). multicolor 1,000.00 200.00
359 1,000.00 30×42 The Trinity Tower of the Moscow Kremlin (1499), the icon of St.George and the dragon (16c). multicolor 1,000.00 200.00
360 1,000.00 30×42 A page from the Ipatyev Annals in which Moscow was mentioned for the first time in 1147. multicolor 1,000.00 200.00
361 1,000.00 30×42 Daniil Alexandrovich (1261-1303), Prince of Moscow; Danilov Monastery (1282). multicolor 1,000.00 200.00
362 1,000.00 30×42 A detail of a miniature from 16c annals. multicolor 1,000.00 200.00
363 1,000.00 30×42 A detail of a miniature from annals "Coronation of Ivan IV". multicolor 1,000.00 200.00
364 1,000.00 30×42 A detail of a plan of Moscow as of the end of 16 c ("Peter's Drawing"). multicolor 1,000.00 200.00

Russian Federation : Moscow
History : The great names of history
Religion : Cathedrals and churches
Culture and art : Painting, graphics, icons
Religion : In artworks, icons
Culture and art : Architecture
Culture and art : Literature

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