» » № 1205-1207. The first native trucks.

№ 1205-1207. The first native trucks.


Designer – Beltyukov V.

There are 15 stamps on the sheet: 5 strips with 3 stamps for a strip.
Paper - coated, with varnish; manufacturing process - offset; perforation - comb 12 x 11½.
Se-tenant print quantity - 250000.

1205 1206 1207

Face value Size Description Price, mint Price, used
1205 8.00 49.4×31.3 AMO-F-15 multicolor 8.00 0.00
1206 8.00 49.4×31.3 GAZ-AA (MM) multicolor 8.00 0.00
1207 8.00 49.4×31.3 ZIS-5V multicolor 8.00 0.00


8 stamps and coupon
Paper - coated; manufacturing process - offset + varnish; perforation - comb 12 x 11½.
Sheetlet print quantity - 110000.

1205 1207 1206
1206 K 1207
1207 1206 1205

AMO-F-15 In 1924 at the Likhachev Factory (ZIL - Zavod Imeni Likhacheva) the first Soviet truck AMO was constructed. As the soviet technicians did not have enough experience in the field of car construction, they took as a basis the “FIAT” company car model. However, the soviet engineers improved it considerably: they elaborated engine power, changed cooling installation, set hard top instead of canvas cover. AMO was considered to be very reliable auto for its time. Later this auto became the basis for different modifications, for example buses or fire trucks. Part of its details was transferred to three ton trucks that were produced at the rebuilt Yaroslavl factory. GAZ-AA (MM) GAZ-AA more known as polutorka was produced at the Gorky Automobile Plant (GAZ - Gorkovsky Avtomobilny Zavod) under the license of American truck Ford-AA, constructed in 1933, and had cargo-carrying capacity of 1.5 tons. In 1938 the truck was modernized and got its engine GAZ-MM powered by 50 times, reinforced bracket, new steering gear, and driveshaft. Nevertheless, GAZ-AA and GAZ-MM didn’t differ exteriorly. Due to the mass assembly line production (more than 150.000 cars) GAZ-AA /MM became the most popular truck and auto in general in the pre-war USSR and in the Red Army. ZIS-5V ZIS-5V was constructed at the Moscow Stalin plant by the chief engineer E.I. Vazhinsky. The production of the ZIS-5 automobile was launched in December, 1933. Because of the wartime, ZIS-5V was greatly modified: some details were produced from the more available materials, some weren’t produced at all, and as a result ZIA-5V has appeared. In spite of all the changes, the characteristics of the auto became the same. ZIS-5V had a great off-the-road capacity and was easy-to-work. Having cargo-carrying capacity of 3 tons, in fact it could carry up to 5 tons.

Industry, construction, agriculture, technology : Motor transport

The first native trucks.
Special cancellation marks:
The native trucks.

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