» » № 2235. Coat of Arms of Azov

№ 2235. Coat of Arms of Azov


[Design] – Povarihin A.

Coat of Arms of Azov


Azov is a town in Rostov Oblast, and administrative center of Azov District. It was founded in 1067. The modern version of the coat of arms was approved by the Azov Town Duma No 105 of 25.05.2006. The coat of arms takes after the ancient coat of arms of Azov. It is a four-pointed cross with all its arms of equal length and flared tips in an azure field, with a reverse half moon and two sturgeons below. All the figurines are silver.

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Coat of Arms of Azov
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Coat of Arms of Azov. Moscow
Coat of Arms of Azov. Azov Rostov Region

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